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Campaign: Good Homecare Practice

The provision of Homecare respiratory services by EIGA members is an important area where EIGA members serve the community.

As there are no specific regulations to cover the provision of respiratory Homecare services, EIGA has developed a set of publications to cover “Good Homecare Practice”.

These campaign materials include a Training Package presentation (including presenters' notes), an introductory leaflet and the Homecare documents produced by EIGA. The Training Package presentation covers Good Homecare Practices in detail, and the leaflet summarises the activities. They cover good practices that should be followed by all those who are involved in Homecare activities.

The campaign materials are intended to be used by EIGA member companies who are engaged in the Homecare activity and those who select Homecare providers. They will enable them to identifying good practices in the safe provision of Homecare services by, for example, the use of dedicated transport for homecare gases  and the supply, use and reprocessing of medical devices.