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EIGA member companies have been successfully using valves with an integrated pressure regulator (VIPR) for many years in medical gases applications. The VIPR represents a major improvement compared to the former practice when separate customer owned and maintained pressure regulators were used.

There have been a small number of incidents involving medical gas cylinders, (primarily oxygen) using VIPRs. These incidents are well known within the gases industry as well as to the medical gas regulatory authorities. The purpose of this document is to review the known incidents involving medical gas cylinders fitted with VIPRs designed and filled up to 300 bar and to prepare recommendations to help minimise future incidents.

The document provides guidance for those responsible for specifying, manufacturing, cylinder filling and maintaining such devices as well as for end-users and authorities.

The document covers medical gas cylinders fitted with VIPRs, designed in accordance with EN ISO 10524-3, Pressure regulators for use with medical gases -- Part 3, [1].

Filename: fileadmin/docs_pubs/Doc_180_13_Design_Considerations_and_Guidance_for_the_Safe_Use_of_Medical_Gas_VIPR.pdf
Reference: Doc. 180/13
Type: PDF
Size: 99 KByte
Date added: 26/04/13 - 14:51:00

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