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EIGA Member companies are frequently asked how to deal with a cylinder whose date of next periodic test is due whilst at a customer site, i.e. the test period expires while the cylinder is at the customer site.

The purpose of this EIGA Technical Bulletin is to state the EIGA position on how such cylinders should be treated and provide guidance on the subject.

It is not intended to replace regulations, but to assist in the interpretation of regulations such as ADR.

The Technical Bulletin is intended for all those who are involved in the management of cylinder operations including those who are responsible for the distribution and retesting of gas cylinders.

Filename: fileadmin/docs_pubs/TB_07_12_Cylinders_that_become_out_of_Test_at_Customer_Sites.pdf
Reference: TB 07/12
Type: PDF
Size: 29 KByte
Date added: 21/06/12 - 14:06:01

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