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This Technical Bulletin replaces EIGA Position Paper PP-31, published in 2010, and introduces no changes.

This Technical Bulletin outlines why copper beryllium alloy may be used in medical devices, and has an overview of research carried out to support this view. As a consequence of this EIGA supports the use of beryllium copper for finished components such as springs and diaphragms within valves, regulators and similar accessories used for medical applications.

The Technical Bulletin is intended for all those who are involved in the specification of medical (and other) equipment that may contain copper beryllium alloy or who have to respond as to why the alloy is being used.

Filename: fileadmin/docs_pubs/TB_06_12_Use_of_Copper_Beryllium_Alloy_for_Medical_Devices.pdf
Reference: TB 06/12
Type: PDF
Size: 33 KByte
Date added: 24/05/12 - 15:02:00

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