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This Technical Bulletin covers the handling and external condition of medical gas containers that are externally soiled with visible traces of foreign matter including bodily fluids.

The purpose of the bulletin is to give guidance to both gas companies and healthcare facilities on how to handle medical gas containers that may have become externally soiled and how they may be cleaned and handled in such a manner as to minimise any risks.

It is intended to provide guidance for both gas companies who handle medical gas containers and for those in healthcare facilities who have to deal with an externally soiled medical gas container before returning it to the gas company.

Filename: fileadmin/docs_pubs/TB_03_12_Handling_and_Cleaning_Externally_Soiled_Medicinal_Gas.pdf
Reference: TB 03/12
Type: PDF
Size: 28 KByte
Date added: 07/02/12 - 14:53:00

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